For invisible rim protection and brilliant shine. Extremely easy to apply


  • BOOSTED CLEANING STRENGTH: 30 percent stronger than SONAX Wheel Cleaner Full Effect, with faster action on thicker, caked on grime areas of wheels.
  • DESIGNED FOR EUROPEAN WHEELS: Extra strength formula for European cars with difficult to clean wheels due to the high heat and brake dust. Sonax Wheel Cleaner Plus is ideal for all vehicles including Mercedes, Audi, BMW, Volvo and many others.
  • SAFE ON ALL WHEELS: Acid-free, pH balanced formulawon't damage wheels. Safe on various wheel finishes including: Chrome, Aluminum, Steel, Clear Coated, PVD, Painted, Plastic Wheel Covers, Magnesium, AND Aftermarket Wheels.
  • WATCH IT WORK: The color changing formula activates once it comes into contact with the ferrous metals (iron) found in brake dust or other dirt and grime. Wheel Cleaner Plus sprays on clear, then watch as the product dissolves the brake dust turning deep red or purple.
  • Wheel Cleaner Plus needs to be used on cool and dry wheels. Product is ready to use, do not dilute with water. *Use caution when applying this product to anodized wheels and brake systems - test in an inconspicuous area prior to use.


400 ml (13.02 fl oz)

made in Germany