Touchless spray on sealant.  Fast and effective sealing of paintwork, chrome and plastics.



  • WASH, SPRAY, RINSE, DRY - Easy to use formula sprays on your wet vehicle after washing, then rinse off and dry for a water and dirt repellent finish
  • HIGHLY EFFECTIVE - Seals your vehicle's paintwork, chrome, glass, wheels and plastic against water and dirt with superior water beading
  • HYDROPHOBIC - Sonax Spray + Seal is a touchless spray-on sealant that provides an instant hydrophobic layer simply by spraying on a wet vehicle and rinsing off
  • RESTORE COLOR AND SHINE - Enhances color depth on your car or truck and provides a mirror like shine on paint, bodywork, trim and chrome
  • Touchless fomula is extremely quick, effective, and easy to use when washing your car. *Do not use on hot surfaces, do not apply in direct sunlight, do not allow to dry

SONAX Spray + Seal

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