Using a  gentle pH neutral  formula safely removes iron and rust contaminates along with industrial dust from paintwork and painted plastics.


  • SAFE & EFFECTIVE: Acid-free and pH-balanced for safe removal of stubborn rust and iron contaminants on exterior painted and plastic surfaces without damaging your car's bodywork
  • FAST & EASY: Chemically removes brake dust, iron and industrial fallout from the vehicle's exterior panels without wasting significant time with machine removal or clay
  • COLOR CHANGING FORMULA: Simply spray on and watch the liquid turn red, as the formula removes contaminants, brake dust and industrial fallout safely from your cars painted metal, bodywork, and plastic trim
  • AGGRESSIVE FORMULA: Designed to target contaminants embedded in your vehicles surface without damaging other fragile components or your vehicle painted surfaces.
  • To achieve best results apply Sonax Fallout Cleaner on a clean, dry vehicle


500 ml  (16.9 fl oz)

made in Germany

SONAX Fallout Cleaner

SKU: 513200