SmartGel provides a difference you can truly see, a protective coat that lasts, and a great smell pleasant enough to make anyone smile.


This unique formula of SmartGel quickly penetrates rubber trim and tires to hydrate and provide long lasting protection. So many products promise to renew the look of your tires with minimal effort, SmartGel extended life gel delivers that promise.

Simply wipe on using a pad to restore the look of faded tires, trim, bumpers, seals and stripping that provides a shine that lasts for months. SmartGel is a non streak, no run and non drip formula that works to repel water and detergents and helps keep tire walls hydrated and supple as well as looking new. SmartGel delivers unmatched durability, easy application and a prolonged superior look.



  • Delivers an extreme shine that lasts to tires, trim, bumpers, seals and more
  • Weather resistant
  • High gloss coating revitalizes and restores color and shine
  • Repels water and detergents
  • No streak, run or drip
  • Highly efficient a little goes a long way
  • UV protection prevents premature aging and fading
  • Engineered with co-polymers to restore faded parts and maintain new look
  • Protects and beautifies, putting a virtual barrier from the sun



SMARTWAX GEL Trim, Tire and Hard Plastic Restorer

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