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This Porsche is #73 RWB in the U.S.• Custom Wide Body Kit: Front & Rear Bumpers, Side Rockers, & Wide Fenders• Exterior: Amaranth Violet• Kamiwaza Wing• Staggered Stance Rotiform Gold WheelsRWB PORSCHECustomized ByAkira Nakai SanThe Collection at GAS, Van Nuys, CARWB, also known as Rauh-Welt Begriff, is a company that was started in Chiba, Japan by Master Akira Nakai. Through his one-of-a-kind creations, Nakai-san has embraced the air-cooled community with his unique design along with custom touches for his clients. RWB is well known in Porsche circles worldwide and is not just a body-kit manufacturer, but a tailored customizer for air-cooled Porsches. If Nakai-san did not build it, it is not RWB. This RWB Porsche is #73 in the United States. Nakai-san landed from Japan and upon arriving at G.A.S. begun the build and completed it to perfection in just 20 hours. He meticulously installed the Amaranth Violet hued kit, which includes front and rear bumpers, widened fenders, spat “aero bits”, Rotana style extended long canard and the Kamiwaza wing. This RWB Porsche sits on Rotiform Gold Wheels

1996 RWB PORsche  911/993


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