The legendary Pink Panthermobile, from NBC’s “The Pink Panther Show,” a worldwide phenomenon in the 70s, has returned to Los Angeles after 14 years abroad. Originally built for the cost of $100,000, the one-of-a-kind limousine was found and completely restored by Southern California’s Galpin Auto Sports. Built on a 60s Oldsmobile Tornado chassis and sculpted out of sheet metal and top-of-the-line materials, the distinctive Panthermobile is an astounding 23-feet long and six-feet wide. Powered by a massive seven-liter engine that moves the front wheels, and the driver’s seat is located outside the vehicle in front of the engine. The all-pink long-snouted vehicle exudes classic 70s era cool with its space-age styling and two-piece clamshell openingdoors. The interior features pink shag reclined seats and pink furry pillows where passengers can lounge while enjoying a glass of champagne or chatting on the 1970s car phone. It even had a backup camera and small 70s black and white TV so the driver could see what was behind him.


Designed by the renowned Ed “Newt” Newton in collaboration with famed customizer and TV personality, Dan Woods; creator of the paint color Candy Apple Red, Joe Bailon; and founder of the kustom car craft, Bill “The Leadslinger” Hines, the custom creation was originally featured each week alongside cartoon characters in the opening credits of “The Pink Panther Show,” which aired from 1969-1976. Newton is the creator behind famous vehicles, including Ed “Big Daddy” Roth’s Orbitron and Surfite, as well as Galpin Auto Sports’ (GAS) Scythe concept and many other legendary customs. Woods’ built the infamous Milk Truck and Ice Truck.


RESTORED By Dave Shuten / Galpin Speed Shop